My Book

Have you ever felt insignificant?



That you didn’t fit in?

Like life is a competition and you don’t have any runs on the board?

And everyone else seems book is for you!


If you would like to purchase my book it is really simple just click here and send me an email. The total cost in $12.50 within Australia.


I didn't set out to write a women's inspirational book.  
My dream has been to publish a work of fiction for teenagers.  
So I have several short stories that have been to a professional editor and are now on the drawing board for my re editing and polishing before they hit the printer and launch into the world.
But along the way of writing fiction, the idea for The Significant You...and Me came into my mind.  
The call from God to write some encouragement for Christian women was very strong.  
Having the Holy Spirit come and change my life has been wonderfully freeing, giving me a confidence I never thought I would have.  
That's what I want to share with you, confidence that God is bigger than everything around us.  
The Creator of this world and everything in it is able to do great things in us, through us and for us.
At times during my re editing of this book I wondered "Who do I think I am to write something like this?"  But God clearly guided me to keep going and I am so glad I did.
I consider myself your companion, because we need companions to go through life with us rather than competitors to race against us as we head toward heaven.  
As Christian women we have the blessed position to be able to cheer others on, cry, laugh and pray with one another.  
May you find the Significant You and be all God intends for you as His loved daughter!
Here's a sneak peek at one of my teenager stories.......

Isabelle’s Year Ten Formal

The mirror outside the change rooms didn’t help Isabelle to feel any better about the way the dress looked on her.

“That dress is great,” her older sister said.

Isabelle rolled her eyes.  It was unlikely Amanda could tell what Isabelle looked like, she was too busy texting. The dress was hideous.  The sales assistant had said that short dresses were in.  The hem line on all the dresses she had tried on made Isabelle’s legs look like they belonged to a rugby league player.  Not for the first time did Isabelle think being sporty had its draw backs when it came to fashion.

Once back in the change room she dumped the dress on the floor and put her own clothes back on.  Not bothering to put any of the dresses back on their hangers she pulled back the curtain and handed the bundle to the assistant.

“Thanks,” she managed to say without being rude.

Amanda looked up from her phone.

“So which one did you decide on?”

Isabelle just walked past her and headed towards the door.

“What aren’t you going to buy any of them?  What’s wrong?”  Amanda shoved her phone into the pocket of her jeans and went after her sister.  Glancing at the sales assistant she shrugged her shoulders. 

“Sorry.”  She offered as an apology.

The assistant couldn’t have cared less she just kept putting the dresses back on their hangers.

“So that’s it then?  You aren’t going to get a dress?”  Amanda asked when she caught up with her sister.

Isabelle was close to tears.  Both were lost in their own emotions.  Amanda was trying not to be mad with her sister because the shopping trip had been a waste of time.  Isabelle was feeling sorry for herself.  So they walked back to the car in silence. 


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